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Our Story

Online Shopping Gets Smoother

Generizz has the right ingredients for making your online shopping haul dynamic. Get hands on your desired items through a seamless shopping experience.

Shop with us. Generizz is ready to send you the box of happiness you ordered anytime you want.


We Want Satisfied Customers More Than Profit

Do you know Generizz have taken many valuable steps to make shopping fun? We believe the more it gets easier for you to order your products and receive them, the better the shopping experience gets.

So here’s our super-fast mobile-friendly shopping site with easy-to-get navigations. We also offer customer support for everyone. Is there anything that is in your way of satisfaction? Our team is ready to swipe away your roadblocks right now.


Quality Checks Are Must At Generizz

Before we store any product, we do a quality check to see if they meet our requirements. Because all we want to do is satisfy your expectations. And you have to have the best quality products from us.


We Provide Fast Hassle-free Shipping For You

We partnered with the most efficient team of the logistic company who ensures trouble-free speedy delivery to your doorstep. We want to make sure your products arrive at the right time in the right condition.


Shop From Any Device With Ease

Want to shop from an online store that offers the most convenient features? While resting on your sofa or preparing dinner in your kitchen, simply order want you want from Generizz. We know your needs and our items will make you wonder.


Get Exciting Offers To Double Your Enjoyment

Shopping makes us happy. But when we love offers and discounts, It makes the fun double, maybe triple? Generizz has the policy to present lucrative offers often. You might go crazy to get your desired products on offer prices. Hey, we understand your feeling as fellow online shoppers.

Be Ready! Generizz has come with your desired items plus exclusive deals. Order now and get yourself delighted with our flawless shopping online.

Need support? Our friendly customer care team is always ready at your service.